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Macon mom, children and volunteers transform house into like-new home

The Fuller Center for Housing of Macon, Georgia, is leading the way in the city’s effort to reduce blight and help families have simple, decent places to live. The Fuller Center of Macon’s latest project was dedicated on Sunday for a hard-working mother of four children — all of whom took pride in working alongside […]

Catholic Order of Foresters volunteers put faith into action on U.S. Builders trip to Georgia

The Catholic Order of Foresters is much more than a life insurance company. Their mission is to help their 114,000 members achieve financial security while supporting the community through fraternal outreach with the motto “Bringing Catholic values to life.” One of those helping bring those values to life is Brittany Demendi, Fraternal Outreach Coordinator. “One […]

50 college students, 5 different communities and 1 amazing spring break

For the second straight year, a huge team of Wittenberg University students on spring break drove to the Southeast last week — not to hit the beaches but to hit nails … a whole lot of nails. Fifty came from the Springfield, Ohio, school for alternative spring breaks last week — driving hundreds of miles […]

Following Two Kings while Kingdom Building in the Land of the Delta Blues

by Kirk Lyman-Barner, Director US Field Operations Part II – Memphis After a great tour of Tupelo by the Pritchards’, Cori and I took the 83 mile journey north to Elvis’s other hometown of Memphis.  We had the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of Beale Street and taste some “Pork with an […]

Following Two Kings while Kingdom Building in the Land of the Delta Blues – Part I Tupelo

by Kirk Lyman-Barner, Director US Field Operations Part I Tupelo, Mississippi This past weekend, my wife Cori and I had the pleasure of being invited to visit Tupelo, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee. Tupelo’s motto is “Our talent is hospitality.”  And indeed it is a very hospitable area.  In fact Councilwoman Netti Davis presented me with […]

Solving the Leadership Gap-Cliques vs. Movements

 clique/klēk/ Noun:  A small group of people with shared interests, who spend time together and exclude others.   The Fuller Center is a fantastic program.  It represents the lineage of the founders of the modern affordable housing movement started by Millard and Linda Fuller almost four decades ago.  We are part of a social movement […]

Solving the Leadership Gap-Blessed are the Pie Makers for They Shall Serve Up Shelter for the Children of God

The Fuller Center has made its storytelling its stock-in-trade.  Those of you on Facebook know that I’m studying digital photography so I can personally improve on my own storytelling.  I really enjoy the craft and have found an author and teacher named Chris Orwig who has a book called Visual Poetry-A Creative Guide for Making Engaging […]

Solving the Leadership Gap-Giving Shy People The Strength To Get Up And Do What Needs To Be Done

Recently, I had a phone conversation with the president of a nonprofit and he said, “Kirk we need a new board of directors.”  I asked him to tell me about their current board. He said they were enthusiastic and supportive during their meetings, but they were not helping out with  development. He then explained that he asked […]