Global Builders

The Fuller Center’s Global Builders get to see the real world off the beaten path, immersing themselves in different cultures for 1-2 weeks and truly getting to know people from different lands — all while making a difference in their lives by helping families build safe, decent homes.

You can join a team of soon-to-be friends or bring your own group — either way, it’s a mission trip of building homes and lives that will change your life, too. Click one of the buttons below to get started or keep scrolling down to learn more!

Why Global Builders?

1. Affordable – it’s about people. Beyond building homes, our goal is to engage people. Trips are open to skilled and unskilled, young and old. Costs are kept low so trips are as accessible as possible. You can even use our fundraising pages to cover your entire trip fee!

2. Quality of experience. We’ve helped over 300 teams and 4,000 volunteers travel the world, where they interact in the community and work directly with partner families. Our best proof that it works? Over 80% of our groups return for future trips.

3. Sustainable impact. The community leads; we support. A dry, healthy home has been proven to improve education and preventative health care, which will change lives for generations. Each trip is also designed to create local jobs and support the local economy.

4. It’s a beautiful world. We provide personalized attention to help each team get the experience it’s seeking. Each Team Leader has the opportunity to include certain R&R opportunities that explore fascinating cultures and God’s beautiful earth.

5. This trip will bless you. Discover meaning in life, grow closer to God, build team spirit, and make a difference in the world. Change the world while changing yourself!

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Featured Destinations:



Armenia is a beautiful, mountainous land rich in culture and history. It is steeped in religious heritage as the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion. It also is home of Mount Ararat, where the Bible says Noah’s Ark came to rest after the Great Flood.

Unfortunately, many Armenian families live in metal shipping containers or homes left unfinished when the economy hit a downturn. Learn more!




Ghana is known today for the friendliness of its people, the warm welcome given to visitors and its cultural uniqueness and identity. Ghana stands as a stable, peace-loving nation that is the perfect introduction to a fascinating and beautiful continent.

We are building a community in the Agomeda area near the outskirts of Accra. You’ll love working side by side with locals where you’ll form lifelong bonds and memories. Learn more!



Though the country has a history of suffering, which was greatly exacerbated by the devastating 2010 earthquake, its people maintain an indomitable spirit.

After building over 150 permanent homes as a response to the earthquake, we are now building in northern Haiti in the town of Pignon. As with all our projects, families pay it forward on terms that they can afford using a no-profit and no-interest loan. Learn more!



Peru GBPeru

Working in the village of La Florida, you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful foothills of the Andes mountains. On days off, teams can choose from a relaxing horseback ride, visiting ancient ruins, strolling open-air markets, or even boating the gorgeous Ballestas Islands.

Come offer a helping hand to these hard-working rural families as they move from thin houses of sticks to solid houses of bricks. Learn more!


More Locations We Love

Bolivia El Salvador India Nepal Nicaragua
Papua New Guinea Puerto Rico South Africa Sri Lanka Thailand 


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