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Koinonia Co-Founder Martin England-Insurance Guy

"Fuller Center Bike Adventure Dad" Dave Willis tells the story of Koinonia co-founder Martin England’s anxiety about the financial protection of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s family and England’s tenacity and success in writing King a policy just weeks before he was assassinated. Last month, the Christian community in South Georgia and beyond celebrated the […]

A National Crisis – It is Time for the Church to Create an Act of God

by: Kirk Lyman-Barner, Director US Field Operations The Fuller Center for Housing The foreclosure crisis is a national disaster.  The Christian Church should treat it as such and respond. When a tornado, flood or hurricane strikes a community, our nation’s governors generally use 100 damaged or destroyed houses as the benchmark to declare a disaster […]

A ride on the love train

by Kirk Lyman-Barner, Director of U.S. Field Operations There are many metaphors for life’s journey.  One might be a race.  We are born on a starting line and we run as fast as we can to receive victory at a finish line.  We ask for the Lord to guide our feet as we run this […]

Faith in Action Weekend 2011: Caregiving hits close to home

Seventeen years ago, Rosalynn Carter began her landmark book on Caregiving with the following quote:   “There are only four kinds of people in this world:   ·         Those who have been caregivers ·         Those who currently are caregivers ·         Those who will be caregivers ·         Those who will need caregivers”   As the former […]

Litany for Earth Day

  Praise and Recognition   Leader:        This is the world the Lord has made; People:        Let us rejoice and be glad in it Leader:        The Bible tells us that on the sixth day                    of the Creation, God looked over                    everything God had made;  it was so                    good, so very […]