Our founders

Millard and Linda Fuller became millionaires in their 20s, but something was missing. All their money could not buy happiness, and Millard’s thirst to succeed in the business world nearly destroyed their marriage. In a last-ditch attempt to save their marriage, they gave away all their millions and rededicated their lives to serving God. It was a decision that shocked their family and friends — but it became a decision that saved their family … and changed the world. The Fullers paid a visit to Koinonia Farm in Georgia and decided to move to the intentional Christian community. There, they learned the concept of Partnership Housing from “Cotton Patch” theologian Clarence Jordan. They used that as their basis in founding Habitat for Humanity in 1976 and The Fuller Center for Housing in 2005. Click below to learn more about their amazing story of Christian service.

Click here for Millard’s biography with links to his awards, books, sermons and more.

Click here for Linda’s biography.

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