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The Fuller Center & the Church: Together, we put faith into action

We are part of a God movement and have been called to this housing ministry. We are unashamedly Christian, and enthusiastically ecumenical. We aren’t a church, but we are a servant of the Church. Our work is made possible by partnerships, and no partner is more important than the Church.

Free Vacation Bible School Curriculum

Crafted with the help of our building partners in Madagascar, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and El Salvador, The Worldwide Mansion opens children’s eyes to unique cultures while also showing that kids around the world are not so different. Throughout the week, the message that God created and loves the whole world is affirmed.

We are enthusiastically and unashamedly Christian and hope you will keep us in your prayers as we put God’s love into action.

We’d love to share our success stories, our history, and talk about the Biblical principles that guide our work. When people find out about our empowering ministry, they tend to like it.

Whether it’s through directly budgeted support or special fundraisers, your gifts not only help families build and repair homes, but the money is recycled to help others have simple, decent homes. Because we do not build with government funds, the financial support of generous individuals and the church community is vital to our work.

Time and time again, we’ve seen churches strengthened when they volunteer with us. Something as simple as building a wheelchair ramp can change some-one’s life and be a real faith-building experience. You can find a complete list of our covenant partners at We hope you’ll consider supporting any partners near you!

God loves the whole world, and you can help spread that love by having a group from your church build a home for a needy family in another country. You’ll see the world in a whole new light while immersing your-self in unique cultures off the beaten tourist paths.

If you prefer to take a trip a little closer to home, there are many U.S. communities that need a helping hand. Weeklong U.S. Builders trips are a great way to help your fellow Americans and put your faith into action. It’s a great team-building opportunity and way to show youth the importance of helping God’s people in need.

Our covenant partners can do much more work when they bring in teams of volunteers from other communities, but they need places to house the volunteers and help feeding these hungry folks. A church gym with showers would be fantastic or school classrooms that aren’t being used. It’s a fun way to meet new people and share your church’s story. And our volunteers always are grateful for those talented cooks out there!

Perhaps there is a member of your church whose family would be a candidate for home repairs or a new home build through a local Fuller Center covenant partner in your community. Or maybe you have run across such a family elsewhere in the community during your mission work. Family selection is an important part of our ministry.

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Churches + Fuller Center = success stories:

(A sampling of recent success stories involving churches, denominations, and other faith groups putting faith into action through The Fuller Center for Housing’s housing ministry)