Transitioning to The Fuller Center from another housing nonprofit group

Interested in transitioning to The Fuller Center from another nonprofit?

If your local nonprofit is operating under the umbrella of another housing nonprofit but believe that the grass-roots Fuller Center for Housing would be a better fit for your community, switching to The Fuller Center may be easier than you think. See our Getting Started Guide for complete details.

DOWNLOAD: Checklist for transitioning from another housing nonprofit to The Fuller Center for Housing

If you are ready to become a Fuller Center for Housing covenant partner, please provide us with the following information and then hit the “submit” button at the end. Thank you!

Covenant partnership application for those transitioning from another nonprofit

If you are not already an established nonprofit and are planning to start a new Fuller Center covenant partner from scratch, please use this application form instead. Thank you.

Basic covenant partnership application

DOWNLOAD: Checklist for starting a new Fuller Center covenant partner from scratch.