Transitioning to The Fuller Center from another housing nonprofit group

If your local nonprofit is operating under the umbrella of another housing nonprofit but believe that the grass-roots Fuller Center for Housing would be a better fit for your community, switching to The Fuller Center may be easier than you think.

If you are ready to transition and become a Fuller Center for Housing covenant partner, please provide us with the following information and then hit the “submit” button at the end. Thank you!

Current EIN
Proposed Name:
Current Service Area
Housing Needs of the Area:
Projects completed in past 2 years:
Faith Builders Program-current church partnerships:
Student Builder Program-list current student partnerships (colleges, high schools, etc):
Collaborative Mission Partners-list partnerships with like-minded organizations:
Current Board of Directors and Officers names and contact info: VERY IMPORTANT: Please include all available contact info including name, mailing address, phone and email if available.
Name of organization formally affiliated with:
Date of disaffiliation:
Brief history and current status of organization:
Select the areas in which you would like training. You may select more than one.
As Board President, my electronic signature certifies that the information provided is accurate. I give the Fuller Center for Housing, and its agents permission and authorization to verify the status of our organization with any other affiliated non-profit or 501-C3 organzation.

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