Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is the Director of Communications for The Fuller Center for Housing, a multi-award-winning columnist for the Columbus (Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer and author of 4 books.

Chris Johnson

Parrot Heads find Fuller Center’s work in Texas worth squawking about

(Note: Fuller Center Director of Communications Chris Johnson is a self-described Parrot Head — a die-hard Jimmy Buffett fan — who has been champing at the beak for an excuse to work Buffett into his work. After nearly eight years on the job, he finally found one!) To casual observers, Jimmy Buffett’s die-hard fans — […]

Volunteers from Minnesota praise Fuller Center’s work, local leadership in Puerto Rico

The Bluff Country Reader newspaper of Spring Valley, Minn., recently chatted with Jolene Hartwick, Joyce Iverson, and Terri Benson — three local women who were part of an 18-person Fuller Center Global Builders team that journeyed to the hurricane-ravaged island of Puerto Rico in January. They talked about the kind of work they did, how […]

Collegiate spring-breakers flock South not to party but to serve

College students serving with Fuller Center for Housing covenant partners across the country — and beyond its borders — is as common a sight of spring as flowers, pollen, green grass, lawnmowers, shorts and flip-flops. While spring does not officially begin until next week, college students already are showing up on Fuller Center job sites […]

River Bend, N.C., woman grateful for help with townhome flooded by Florence

Lorraine Igor could not find any contractors willing to help her repair her townhome that was flooded by Hurricane Florence back in September until a local church responded to her cry for help and connected her with the Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders. WCTI-TV caught up with Ms. Igor and the Disaster ReBuilders at this recent […]