Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is the Vice-President for Communications for The Fuller Center for Housing, a multi-award-winning columnist for the Columbus (Ga.) Ledger-Enquirer and author of 4 books.

Chris Johnson

After 30-plus years in “temporary” shelter, Armenian family to soon have decent home

Since a massive earthquake struck Armenia in 1988, the Soghoyan-Tadevosyan family has been living in a metal shipping container. Unfortunately, this is not a unique story as thousands of Armenian families have been living in these “domiks” that were provided by the Soviet Union as “temporary” shelters after the disaster. But the Soviet Union collapsed, […]

Auburn’s Restoration Church builds walls for 18th Fuller Center home in tornado recovery

By the end of 2019, there will be 18 new Fuller Center homes for families impacted by the March 3 tornado in Lee County, Alabama — thanks the tremendous support of volunteers, businesses, local leaders and the faith community. One of those faith communities — Restoration Church of Auburn — braved sweltering temperatures on Sunday […]

“Emily Build” puts finishing touch on homeowner’s recovery and redemption

Melanie Moss climbed her way out of a life of drug addiction and now helps others on their road to recovery by working for the Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse of Northwest Louisiana. The last step in Melanie’s road to a full recovery would be a simple, decent place to live. Thankfully, that is […]

Six months after Beauregard tornado, 6th new Fuller Center home dedicated

Misty Baker and her daughters were living in a mobile home when a massive tornado struck the rural Alabama community of Beauregard on March 3, 2019. Though their home was massively damaged, they continued to live in it in the months afterward, stepping around buckets that caught rain coming through the roof and mopping up […]

Disaster ReBuilders to help those still dealing with Hurricane Michael’s aftermath in Florida

When most people think of Panama City, Florida, they think of beaches, sunshine, high-rise condominiums and spring break craziness. At least, that’s the way everyone thought of it before Hurricane Michael struck the area in October of last year as a powerful Category 5 storm — the first Category 5 to strike the contiguous United […]

Kim Roberts leads Beauregard rebuilding efforts with trademark passion and fearlessness

Kim Roberts’ name was the first that came to mind when East Alabama Medical Center’s charitable outreach arm, Cornerstone Foundation, was looking for someone to lead rebuilding efforts for families impacted by the devastating EF-4 tornado that struck Beauregard, Alabama, on March 3. It wasn’t because Roberts is someone who knows a thing or two […]

Fifty outstanding photos from the Bicycle Adventure’s summer rides

The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure’s two summer rides — a 4,000-mile Parks and Peaks ride out West and a 3,500-mile cross-country ride from Seattle to Washington, D.C. — are now in the books. We’d like to thank the wonderful riders who pedaled through cold, rain, snow, heat and wind to raise money and awareness for […]

Pros build two sets of Millard Fuller Legacy Build walls in just two hours

Building entire sets of walls in advance gives blitz builds like the upcoming Millard Fuller Legacy Build a big head start. These wall builds often involve large numbers of volunteers who are eager to swing a hammer even if they have very little construction experience. However, Auburn, Alabama-based Crawford Construction Company — with help from […]