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Save the dates: 2019 Millard Fuller Legacy Build, Beckley, W.Va., Sept. 15-20, 2019 (registration opens soon)

Raise the Roof 5K run, Las Vegas, May 8, 2019

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This is enlightened charity

Theologian Clarence Jordan once wrote: “What the poor need is not charity but capital; not caseworkers but co-workers.” That simple sentence penned in the 1960s guides The Fuller Center’s housing ministry to this day. We partner with families in need of simple, decent homes who cannot secure financing through usual methods. We provide capital and construction help to those in need, allowing them to own a home.

The families put in “sweat equity” building alongside our volunteers and repay the costs of materials on terms they can afford, over time, with no interest charged or profit made into a fund to help others in their community get the same hand-up. Therefore, not only are our partner families not charity cases getting a handout, but they are uplifted, retain their dignity and become givers themselves.

Fuller Center President David Snell briefly explains why we don’t give homes away in this one-minute video.

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