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Let’s be honest: Travel can be tough. Getting the time off work, obtaining passports and visas, enduring the airport pat-downs, and surviving stomach aches. It’s not for everybody. Yet when we see people in need, we want to help. What can we do?

Introducing new Global Builders virtual participants! As a virtual participant you join a team right from the comforts of home and support in-country job creation and construction. Your name is added to the roster of one of our actual trips but marked as a virtual participant, which ensures that you get the communications, hats, t-shirts, etc. that all our participants receive.
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Instead of covering airfare or your trip fee, the money you pay or raise by check or through a personal fundraising page is sent entirely as a project donation instead. As a result, work gets done and jobs are created as we hire the local labor and buy materials. We send the funds at the same time as the next trip so that following the trip you can expect to receive pictures and hear how it went!

Here is the story of one church that decided to take their entire youth group to Nepal — virtually.

All contributions are tax-deductible in the United States and there are no age restrictions, language abilities, or construction skill requirements. Everyone qualifies!

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