Global Builders – Virtual Teams

How does this work?

When you join a virtual team, you and your group raise money through our online fundraising platform and designate it for the Covenant Partner of your choice.

  • The Covenant Partner uses the money you raise to build homes using local volunteers and workers, stimulating the local economy and creating jobs along the way.
  • Your team receives a family profile early on, so you know exactly who you’re partnering with. As progress is made on the home, you also receive pictures and updates on the construction.
  • During the fundraising process you meet virtually with your team to share stories, tips, and encouragement.
  • When the home is finished you’ll receive a picture of the family with their new home to see what you’ve been building!

The Global Home Challenge

COVID-19 cancelled volunteer teams and fundraisers, leaving many trapped in poverty housing just when the need help the most. So May 29 – August 16 we’re hosting the Global Home Challenge: our effort to raise $200,000 to build 80 homes while virtually traveling 50,000 miles around the globe.

Virtual teams scheduled during this time will automatically be included as participants in this ambitious goal. The money you raise will count towards the event totals and you and your team will have the chance to win prizes and receive encouraging content along the way. Click the button above to learn more details and check our progress.

Step 1: Click the blue button above to start or join a virtual trip. Be sure to select your team’s correct Covenant Partner during the registration process. (Ex: if you’re raising money for Peru, select “Peru”)

Step 2: Log your miles by joining the Global Home Challenge goal on and help us hit 50,000 miles!

Step 3: Share your fundraising page with friends and family to start raising money. You’ll have until your team’s designated deadline to reach your fundraising goal (see next question for details on fundraising goals).

A standard fundraising goal will be the base cost of one home plus $500 to cover all related expenses. Your team can choose to sponsor more than one home if you’re feeling up to it. Visit our country pages and find your preferred country’s webpage to see how much a house costs.

Ex: The cost of a new house in Haiti is $6000, so if your team plans to sponsor two homes there the fundraising goal is $12,500. ($6000 + $6000 + $500)

Raising enough funds to pay for the construction of homes is always a crucial part of our work, but travel restrictions mean fewer teams and less money for the projects. Raising money with a virtual team helps ensure we can still build homes for families even though volunteers can’t travel. Your fundraising will also help spread the word and get more people involved, multiplying your impact over time!

Being part of a virtual team is unique in 3 ways: community, updates, and prizes.

Community: As you go about fundraising and spreading the word, being part of a team provides you with a community to share ideas and encouragement. Group leaders will help foster a sense of camaraderie by hosting group chats, video calls, or community pages so you’ll get to know your team personally.
Updates: You and your team will receive a family profile, pictures, and updates as your house progresses, and a picture of the home once it’s complete.
Prizes: As part of the Global Home Challenge, you’ll receive prizes when you hit individual fundraising milestones week to week. Teams that reach their overall fundraising goal will receive special prints of their house and family.

If you’re a Virtual Team Leader, you have plenty of options for keeping in touch with your team. It doesn’t have to be every day, but we recommend doing something roughly once a week to keep everyone engaged. Here are just a few ideas:
-Start a group Facebook page (share pictures from old trips, encouraging stories, etc.)
-Schedule regular Zoom calls
-Start a WhatsApp or Groupme chat for volunteers to interact
-Create an activity schedule to give participants a goal

Contact us at if you’d like to brainstorm more ideas!

Fuller Center families often go from living in a house like this... a house like this!
Sturdy walls, concrete floors, and real windows and doors make all the difference to a family in need.
Joining a virtual team helps families like these have their own safe, decent homes.

Here is the story of one church that decided to take their entire youth group to Nepal — virtually.

There are no restrictions on age, language ability, construction skills, or citizenship. Everyone qualifies! All contributions are tax-deductible in the United States.

For questions, email us at