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How does it work?

Global Builders sends teams on international home-building trips. The trips are hosted by our trustworthy Fuller Center covenant partners around the world, who love having volunteers join them in serving God by partnering with the poor. Church or school groups are invited to bring a team of their own.

Individuals and families are invited to join open teams led by our experienced, volunteer team leaders. The leader(s) invites and chooses participants through our web site and their own networks, which means the volunteers come from far and wide to meet each other for the first time on the trip! You’ll meet some amazing people.

What will I do?

You’ll take a one- to three-week trip to a location with an international Fuller Center covenant partner. You and your team will meet and work alongside partner families as you do physical labor in helping them build a decent home in which to live. We welcome skilled and unskilled workers alike!

In your free time, you can travel, sight-see, and experience a new culture. Alternatively, you can sign up as a virtual participant to have your airfare and trip fee sponsor local labor and materials in lieu of your traveling.

Where and when can I go?

Trips run year round, with the latest list always posted on our upcoming trips page. Learn more about each country by clicking on it below:

Who can join?

  • We generally welcome volunteers ages 14+, with those 14-17 years of age requiring a chaperone to be present on the trip. See the full Age Requirements.
  • We are an ecumenical, Christian organization that welcomes all groups and individuals who want to help.
  • No foreign-language skills required.
  • No construction skills required.

Don’t have vacation time? Check out How to Get Time Off and use the Handout for Your Employer.

Even those staying home can join as a virtual participant! All our trips support local jobs and labor, but virtual participants take it even a step further.

How much will it cost?

Affordability is important to us — sample trip costs are listed below. Our fundraising guide shows you how to pay your trip fee through contributions from others, or you can jump right into it by building a personal fundraising page on our site. (3rd party fundraising sites like GoFundMe cannot be used for our trip fees.)

The costs listed below are estimates. Our trip fees include food, lodging, ground transportation, insurance, and a donation to the local project, but not site-seeing or airfare.

Propose a trip to receive a more precise estimate.

Sample trip lengths and costs

Armenia – $1,500-1,800 (14 days) Bolivia – $950 – 1,050 (7 days) El Salvador – $705-800 (7 days)
Ghana – $1,500-1,700 (10 days) Haiti – $1,050-1,200 (7 days) India – $970 – 1,100 (8 days)
Nepal – $1300 – 1500 (10 days) Nicaragua – $940 – 1,050 (7 days) Peru – $880 – $1,000 (7 days)
Sri Lanka – $1,350-1500 (10 days) Thailand – $1,500-$1,800 (13 days)  


What happens after the trip?

After you return, ensure that your trip will have a sustained impact on yourself and on the community in which you served. 

Learn how on our Country Champions page.  

Most importantly, do you have a social media presence?

Of course! Like our page to see the latest updates and pictures from our teams.


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