Let's Do It Again

"Glen, Glen this is great, let’s do it again in Shreveport. What do you think?” Those words echoed in the hallway outside the gathering of our first covenant partner conference in Suffolk from Millard said it all. We did do it again in Shreveport. Over 90 attendees from 24 different covenant partners gathered for the second annual covenant partner conference this past week. The speakers were great and everyone seemed to really enjoy the program and the fellowship. Personally I was able to see old Shreveport friends like Renee Hooks, and homeowner Phyllis Davis. I liked going back to the Allendale community to see all the improvements that have been made since Millard first began building there “on higher ground.” The leaders and volunteers of Northwest Louisiana Fuller Center did a wonderful job as our host. 
To me the real highlight came without any planning. Linda Fuller called on Kim Roberts of Chattahoochee Fuller Center to tell of her experience with a particular homeowner. Kim without any notice gave a lovely talk about Miss Fannie and their relationship. Miss Fannie is in her nineties. She has never had hot water in her house. When home heath care would come to help Miss Fannie bathe, she would warm the water in her oven. Her house didn’t have a back door just a screen. All Miss Fannie wanted from the Fuller Center was a back door. Once Kim and others from Chattahoochee Fuller Center got involved, Miss Fannie now has a back door and for the first time in her life—hot water in the house. Kim described Miss Fannie as giddy as a schoolgirl when she was able to take her first warm bath. Kim now has a new adopted grandmother and Miss Fannie has people who love her. Kim and the volunteers may have set out to benefit Miss Fannie. They were blessed as they were trying to give a blessing. Thank you Kim for sharing your lovely story with us and thank you to all the covenant partners out there helping the Miss Fannies’ of the world. To read more about the 2nd Annual Covenant Partner conference click HERE.

Glen Barton
Vice President, U.S. Field Operations
Fuller Center for Housing

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