Recent Storms-Early Report

Submitted by Glen Barton
Vice President, US Field Operations
The Fuller Center for Housing

As soon as it became apparent the magnitude of the recent tornados, we at Fuller Center began calling Covenant Partners in the possibly impacted areas. Our covenant partners were spared. However, hundreds of people in nearby communities were not so fortunate. Many are dead and thousands of homes are destroyed or damaged.

The Fuller Center has a history of helping after disasters. We established our work in Shreveport shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. While Shreveport was not hit, thousands of dislocated families went to Shreveport to escape the storm. Many of those folks wanted to stay and make Shreveport home. The Fuller Center was able to start building quicker than if we had tried to wait for all the required elements for rebuilding in South Louisiana.

The Fuller Center Disaster Rebuilders while not “first responders” has a wonderful track record of work in Mississippi after Katrina and then moving to Orange City and Bridge City, Texas after Hurricane Ike. They have built and renovated homes for over 100 families. Currently they are building four new homes and are renovating two homes in Plaquemines Parish, LA. Plaquemines Parish had the double hit of Hurricane Katrina and was ground zero of the BP Oil spill. 

Since The Fuller Center is not a “first responder” organization, it is important to remember we are about long-term solutions. The National Guard, Red Cross, FEMA and others take the lead on the first response. We certainly want to help. In our opinion the best way we can help is have local communities welcome us in and be willing to work with us on how together we can rebuild based on our principles of housing for God’s (low-income) families.

We will continue to look for ways to help those impacted by the storms. If you would like to donate or learn where you might help please contact Glen Barton at or call 850-364-8574 or 318-525-7948.


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