Bunch of fun with our junior ambassador

By Chris Johnson
Director of communications

We had a Bunch of fun at Fuller Center headquarters yesterday … and not just because our work team made it safely to North Korea to begin a mission of home building and peacemaking that has garnered media attention worldwide. Granted, that was awesome, but that’s not why we had a Bunch of fun with a capital B.

Gabrielle Bunch, who just turned 7 years old last week, is this year’s “Junior Ambassador” and was in the office for the taping of a Christmas message that will be shared with all of our supporters and friends around the world.

Gabrielle was thrilled by the opportunity to talk about what the Fuller Center does. And let’s face it, a cute 7-year-old in a festive red outfit is way more fun to listen to than I am. I’m a little past 7 years old and own no festive red outfits – which I blame exclusively for my lack of cuteness. You don’t want to hear me talk about all the wonderful things we do.

But you’re going to hang on our Junior Ambassador’s every word when we post the video message very soon. We set up a makeshift studio in my office, and I got to play director while my colleague Leah Gernetzke worked the camera. I think I even yelled “action!” a time or two. That was cool!

Having Gabrielle’s perky self bopping around the office in her Christmas outfit and taking her big smile from desk to desk has put us all in the holiday spirit. And you’ll be even more in the spirit, as well, when you see Gabrielle’s message.

So stay tuned. We will post it soon.

In the meantime, check out some of the many videos we’ve posted by clicking here.

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