Sadness in Shreveport

This last Sunday morning a bus carrying 23 members of Shreveport’s First Baptist Church, traveling to a church camp in Macon GA, crashed, killing one of the young people aboard and sending another 20 to area hospitals. The bus was new and equipped with seat belts, and designed to prevent this sort of tragedy. Apparently a tire blew out and the bus went off the road. A bus carrying military personnel, including medics, was following and was able to offer immediate help, physically lifting the bus to free two young people who were pinned beneath it and providing emergency medical care.

This tragedy is especially sad for us at The Fuller Center for Housing. The First Baptist Church is one of our stalwart partners in Shreveport. From the earliest days of Building on Higher Ground the church has been a part of the project, sending volunteer work teams and sponsoring houses. Millard preached from their pulpit. As the local covenant partner was being organized Pastor Greg Hunt came forward to offer leadership and the church has been active in encouraging others to join the effort. We are deeply indebted to our friends at First Baptist and we share their grief.

Events like this leave you wondering what to do. You wish you could reach out and say, “It will be alright” and wipe away the tears. You wish you could explain it in a way that would comfort the families and friends. But you can’t, so we will do what we can—we’ll pray for the injured and the family of the boy who died. We’ll pray for First Baptist that they have strength and faith as they work through the difficult days ahead. We ask you to pray for them as well.

The relationship between The Fuller Center and the church is a deep and abiding one. From the earliest days of his ministry Millard looked to the church for support and began establishing partnerships that survive to this day. We’re not a church, but a servant to the church, and when the church is hurting we hurt as well. May the good Lord enfold the folks at First Baptist in his comforting arms.

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