Operations Manual: Volunteer engagement and management

Managing Work Teams

Volunteer Committee (Word or PDF)

Cover Note – Individual (Word or PDF)

Emergency Contact and Medical Information (Word or PDF)

Work Team Application (Word or PDF)

Release and Waiver of Liability (Word) Updated 4.19.13

Guidelines for a Safe Workplace (Word) Updated 7.10.13

Accident / Incident Report (Word) Updated 7.9.13

Volunteer Conduct Agreement (Word)

Volunteer Information and Skills Survey (Word or PDF)

Short Term Volunteer Application (Word)

Criminal Background Checks Policy Introduction (Word) Updated 7.11.13

Criminal Background Checks Consent and Authorization Form (Word) Updated 7.1.13

Protect My Ministry Background Check Website ($10 per person) Updated 7.1.13

Volunteer insurance
Volunteer Accident Insurance Overview (Word or PDF)
Nationwide Volunteer Accident Brochure (PDF)
Nationwide Volunteer Accident Application (Word)
Nationwide Volunteer Accident Claim Form (PDF)
Volunteer Tracking Calendar for Insurance Reporting (Word)

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