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History and principles of The Fuller Center for Housing

In this 20-minute video with historical images, Fuller Center President David Snell discusses the history of the affordable housing movement, the early days of Millard and Linda Fuller’s work and how The Fuller Center for Housing remains committed to the simple, grass-roots, Christian principles with which it began as Millard Fuller’s final ministry:

Welcome to the Covenant Partners’ Operations Manual. It includes documents that will help guide you through most all of the issues that you encounter in setting up, organizing and operating a successful partner organization. It brings together over 90 years of staff experience working in housing ministry. Coupled with Millard Fuller’s biblical 40 years of house building some 133 years of experience come together to provide the information you will find here.

This section of the Manual, Who We Are and What We Believe provides information on the philosophy and foundational principles that underlie our work. Just as Jesus counseled us to build our house on a rock we encourage you to build your organization on the principles you will find here. They will provide you with a firm foundation.

Also included in this section is the Partnership Covenant, the two-page document that governs our relationship with our covenant partners around the world. You should review and recommit to it as a board every year.

The first page of the manual is a letter written by Millard Fuller as an introduction to the first operations manual we produced. The counsel it offers is a valuable today as it was when he wrote it.

Note on Trademarks and Copyright—

  • The names The Fuller Center for Housing and The Fuller Center, along with the house logo are trademark protected and cannot be used without permission, which permission is granted to all Fuller Center covenant partners in good standing.

  • The Operations Manual and the documents in it are copyrighted. Permission is granted to all Fuller Center covenant partners in good standing to print and copy the documents for their own use. Most of the documents are provided in Word format for ease in downloading. Except where indicated to customize a document they should not be altered without permission from the Director of Communications in Americus.