Blessed to serve

While working on a match grant, I estimated Fuller Center Covenant Partners would do 500 new homes, ReNew and Greater Blessing Box repairs in the next 12 months. If funded the grant could possibly increase capacity by 200 Greater Blessing Box projects to that count. While 700 projects will produce almost $10,000,000 in expenditures–including the Covenant Partner overhead. 

But more than just the numbers there will be 700 families with a better life. Like Susie Byrd of Lanett, Alabama; 80 years and almost blind, can now take her walker into the bathroom and walk down her front steps. Ms. Fannie in Lanett now has a back door and a friend for life, Kim Roberts. A lady in Yalobusha County, Mississippi now only uses one burner to warm her house before she had to use four and was not staying warm. Three homes in Louisville, Georgia no longer leak because Fuller Center has redone their roofs. 

I wish everyone could see all of the good works being done by The Fuller Center. While as staff we do not do the work directly with the homeowners, we minister and support those who do. So our efforts are critical to the success. The Ms. Susie and Ms. Fannies’ and hundreds of others need us. We are blessed to serve them. 
Glen Barton
Vice President, US Field Operations

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