Country Champions


When you’re on a Global Builders trip, it’s a lot like this: 

Library - 1963-XL

The people melt our heart. The experience changes our outlook. The feelings we shared affect our values. 

But when we get back, far too often our routines drag us back to ruts in our life like this:

Messy garage

Yikes! Has nothing changed?


But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

You can continue to help that community. You can make changes in your life.

But it won’t happen automatically. You have to make a conscious decision to make it happen!


What if your trip was only the beginning? 

You can make this a reality. The formula is simple: one monthly gift and one personal change.

1. Monthly giving for that project. You have a connection that very, very few people have. If you don’t continue to care for that community, who will? Whether your monthly gift is $10 or $100, it makes a huge difference and you become a true Country Champion.

2. A personal change. This one can be totally private, but we invite you to share it with us! (Email: Past participants have reported things like volunteering more often, decluttering their life, or reading the Bible more.

See pictures of the continuing impact at

Short-term trips with long-term impact.

  • Gohar 
  • Samarjian
  • Heather Banoub
  • Kristi Rendahl
  • Jeffrey and Tamara Buuck
El Salvador
  • Elizabeth Heidler
  • Linda Rutledge
  • Ron Wyatt
  • Sarah Floyd
  • Ruth Ralph
  • Mary Ann Hernandez
  • Hillary Locker
Papua New Guinea
  • Katherine Wooten
  • Tessa Alber
Puerto Rico
South Africa
South Africa
  • Jeffrey Taggart
Sri Lanka