You can help flood-ravaged Sri Lanka

For the first time ever, The Fuller Center for Housing of Sri Lanka will welcome Global Builders teams to work with them to improve housing conditions in the island nation. Three teams are scheduled to work in Sri Lanka this year, and their trips could not come at a better time.

(Note: Two of the trips still have openings for volunteers; click here to learn how you can join them!)

Last month, the nation was struck by severe flooding that killed dozens of people and displaced thousands of families, many of whom have taken refuge in temporary relief shelters.

The Rev. Ranjan Fernando heads up the United Christian Fellowship of Sri Lanka and has been working to deliver food supplies to affected families. Fernando also in the director of FCH Sri Lanka and said donations are needed to help these families secure decent, safe, long-term housing.

If you would like to learn more about upcoming Global Builders trips to Sri Lanka, click here.

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View this video filmed in Sri Lanka during April 2012:


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