give to the 2018 year-end campaign(Photo: From left: Homeowners Carmen and Rodney Lott, house captain Barry Stuck, Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project Executive Director Kim Roberts, CFCP Board President Curt Johnson and CFCP volunteer Robin Pierre at the Lotts’ home dedication in June 2018.)

YOU ARE WANTED … in a most wonderful way!

When volunteers and supporters gathered in Valley, Alabama, this past June to celebrate the dedication of a new Fuller Center home for Rodney and Carmen Lott, Rodney had a clear message for everyone:


“God didn’t need anyone to come work here this week,” he said. “God wanted us here, together. And that’s a wonderful thing!”

Indeed, you are wanted. We want you to share in the joy of this ministry that comes when we help families have simple, decent places to live. God wants you to share the Gospel, and there’s no better way to do that than by putting faith into action. Every house that we build is a sermon of God’s love.

Your contribution today will help us make 2019 our most productive year yet. The coming year will mark 10 years since we lost our founder, Millard Fuller, but we know that he is smiling from Heaven as he sees his affordable housing ministry continue to grow. Thank you for building smiles on Earth and in Heaven. Thank you for supporting The Fuller Center for Housing!

— David Snell, President, The Fuller Center for Housing

give to the 2018 year-end campaign


We caught up with Rodney and Carmen in October 2018 to see how life is going in their new home. Here is our brief conversation: