Work teams are coming!

Oct. 14

The week ahead brings two work teams from the States. I am full of excitement to see what we can do. We start a new front Saturday morning. Our focus will move to the track of land Heather and Gerson (who are working with the Fuller Center in Haiti) have. It is a chance to set up a steady construction wave of homes in a completely new development.

In other news, Yves house is complete. A hurdle cleared and a success story fulfilled!


Oct. 15 

The first of two groups arrived today to help jumpstart the next phase of our housing efforts. It started with a bus stuck in the mud and ended with a pile of trusses.

They are a great group and I imagine they’ll continue to be a spectacular team over the next few days. Their energy really helps us move past the long-term stresses of such an endeavor.

Plus, another team comes tomorrow and should be a blast.

Oct. 16

The first FCH volunteer team arrived late yesterday afternoon and so far has been a great group of people to get to know. They won my heart immediately when among the Sunday activities their unanimous decision was the beach.

I knew a day like this would spoil the group. We hung out on a beautiful beach and caught a large fresh fish to eat. This total relaxation is far from the work ahead of them.

Join a work team to Haiti!

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