Winner, SD to Martin, SD

by Mike Wieser

I found The Fuller Center For Housing Bike Adventure two years ago when I was researching various charity bike rides. After reading about the goal and mission of the FCBA, I knew I had to be a part of it. Each year’s ride follows a different route, yet I could not have plotted a better route, as it brought me to friends and family in small towns and large cities alike.

Since taking up cycling seriously in 1988, I have worn many bike jerseys. The FCBA is by far the most important and rewarding. There is more to the FCBA than just eat, ride, eat, sleep, and repeat. I don’t think there is a single person on this trip whose life hasn’t been touched or changed in a positive way. I decided before the end of the first segment from Atlantic City, NJ to Pittsburg, PA that I wanted to return again next year.

Did I mention that today’s ride was our longest so far? Today’s midmorning thunderstorm did not dampen my spirit. I learned from my first long distance bike tour last year (not with FCBA) that you can’t control the wind or the weather, so you might as well enjoy both the magnificent scenery and the company of your fellow riders. As I saw on one church’s marquee a few weeks ago, “Have a great day or were you planning something else.”

I encourage everyone who is reading this blog to make a donation or additional donation to The Fuller Center for Housing and help us achieve the goal of raising “one million dollars” to help eliminate poverty housing. If you were able to share my experience and see first hand the impact The Fuller Center for Housing can make for a family or community, then donations should be flying in.

One Comment

  • Mike, It was great to ride with you. I pray for your continued safety on the ride, and know that with every mile you ride, every community your pass thru and stop in, you will make a difference and change a life. You are a treasure and I know I am not the only one who has been blessed by having you in my life, albeit briefly. I look forward to riding with you again next year.


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