What a day! – By Keith Wishum

What a day! I got to be God and help God – all on the same day.

It was an honor today to ride a small part of the FCBA with an outstanding group of people. Before we started riding this morning, Ryan reminded us of Jesus’ parable of the sheep and goats – the one in which people are evaluated based on whether they bother to meet the simple needs of people around them – needs like water for someone who is thirsty or food for someone who is hungry. "The King" insisted that anything people do for "the least of these" they are actually doing for him.

That’s how I got to be God today. I was the least of these when I blew out the third tube before ever getting on my bike. Clearly, I needed help! Chris, Josh, and Roxy came to my rescue and helped get a new tube in and get me ready to roll.

I was the least of these at the rest stops where I was thirsty and hungry and was given water and food.

I was the least of these when we rolled into the parking lot of First Baptist Church in Pelham to be welcomed in as strangers and offered cold drinks, showers, a delicious dinner, and a cool place to sleep for the team members.

I also got to help God today. Because of the generosity of those who donated to The Fuller Center to support my ride, I was able to help fund repairs or new homes for some who need a little help and in that to do something tangible for God himself.

What better way to spend a beautiful day?

It was an honor to ride with some real heroes who are giving generously of their time, money, energy, and sweat to serve others. It was a fun day riding a beautiful route through country roads shaded by live oaks dripping Spanish moss, through small towns and large. It was an excellent reminder that sometimes small things added together make a big difference.

My thanks to the FBCA team for letting me tag along and for being such a fun and fascinating group, to Josh and Roxy for riding with me, to those who have donated, to the Kenda company for donating good tubes (theirs is the one that held air!), and to the good folks of First Baptist in Pelham for opening your doors and your hearts to us. May God bless the "least of these" and all those who care enough to serve them.

Keith is the minister at Williams Road Church of Christ which opened its doors to the riders over the weekend in Americus. He, Josh and Roxy represented the church, joining the ride for the day. Help support their ride by donating now!

Hilary only joined for half the day, but she had this to say about the experience…

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