We've been blessed

By Karen "Toolie" Warkentien
2012 Bicycle Adventurer

We rode from Daytona Beach to Melbourne Beach today, in the wake of Tropical Storm Debby, with blowing rain and strong headwinds, an absolutely miserable day. Yet I say "What a wonderful day," because I’ve been blessed.

Some may wonder how I can say, with a straight face, that today, as nasty as the weather was, was a wonderful day. It’s simple really. I’m happy for every day that I’m alive.

Because I’ve been blessed.

What many on this great bicycle adventure don’t know is that two years ago, when I contemplated riding in what would have been my first bike adventure, I was diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say, biking anywhere, much less biking 75-100 mile days, was out of the question. But even with a cancer diagnosis, I knew I was blessed.

I live comfortably. I own my own home. I ride a bicycle that is so much better than I am a rider. I’m fortunate, and I was still fortunate when I was diagnosed. I have health insurance. I had access to a top-notch cancer center with excellent physicians, nurses, and technicians. But more importantly, I had support from friends and family. Yes, I’ve been blessed.

Those we serve with the Fuller Center for Housing are not that lucky. They often lack money, support, and, in such dire circumstances, faith. As we often say about this ministry, it’s not a hand-out; it’s a hand-up. The Fuller Center works in partnership with our homeowners to construct a house and, through that love, faith, and support, we create a home. It’s a home that’s simple, decent, affordable; a home where children are safe and can thrive, and parents are secure in the knowledge that they are providing for their families; a home where all are blessed because it is imbued with God’s love.

As James 2:26 states: "For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also." The Fuller Center for Housing puts faith into action, and all who are touched by this ministry are blessed.

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  • A great article that wastes no time getting to the heart of it all. Well said, Toolie!


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