Fuller Center for Housing Western Cape South Africa

Chairman/Managing Director: Bishop Louis Michael Green
Email: fuller.wcape.green@gmail.com
26 Bree St. Peerless Park East
Kraaifontein, 7570, Cape Town, RSA
Phone: +27-21-9878639
Fax: +27-866578715
Web site: www.fchwc.org

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More than 2.1 million families in South Africa live in poverty housing or are effectively homeless, with much of that population in the townships that were set aside for blacks during the apartheid era. Nearly two decades since the end of apartheid, millions still live in these townships, often in the shadows of luxurious communities.

The Fuller Center for Housing Western Cape will play a significant role in improving existing homes in townships by helping families make improvements to their homes. It also will bring relief to the “backyard dwellers” in townships such as Bonteheuwel by partnering with property owner families to replace the wood and metal shacks with brick structures.

The average cost of a house in a place such as Bonteheuwel is about $35,000 U.S. dollars, well beyond what a “backyard dweller” can afford. The cost of land in Cape Town is exceptionally high, leaving most working class families to become backyard dwellers in almost all townships throughout South Africa.

Download the complete Housing Delivery in South Africa report created by the Fuller Center there.




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