WEEK IN REVIEW: Persistence pays off

By Chris Johnson,
Director of Communications

Hundreds of nonprofits in the state of Georgia were very busy Wednesday, which was Georgia Gives Day here. One of our covenant partners, The Fuller Center of Macon, had an exceptionally good experience, raising more than $6,700 in 24 hours.

They did it mostly with a daylong, hour-by-hour social media campaign led by intern Gillian Ford, a Mercer University student who knows a thing or two about Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and all that stuff. They set a great example for everyone.

The example was that you can’t just sign up to be among the Georgia Gives Day partners — you actually have to keep pushing folks to give. You can’t have a “build it, and they will come” attitude.

The same goes for many things. You can’t just set up a covenant partner and see houses automatically start going up — you’ve got to drum up funds and volunteers. You can’t build a Facebook page and expect it to explode without making regular posts. You can’t set up a bank account and watch the funds come in — you’ve got to encourage giving. You’ve got to be persistent in all these kinds of things for your work to be a success.

Some folks enjoy fundraising, and that probably makes that key element of this ministry a little easier for them. I enjoy telling the success stories of this ministry more than fundraising. Some would rather just grab a hammer and start building rather than fundraising or communicating. But success takes persistence in all these areas.

So, here’s a tip of the cap to the folks in Macon and the many other covenant partners out there who prove that persistence pays off. Check out the video below from a Macon TV station about Georgia Gives Day. The Fuller Center is featured prominently, and Dianne is interviewed.




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