WEEK IN REVIEW: Much more than bicycles

By Chris Johnson,
Director of Communications

It’s kind of a quiet Friday here at Fuller Center headquarters. But it’s not because folks aren’t busy. Director of U.S. Field Operations Kirk Lyman-Barner is out talking to yet another potential covenant partner, while Melissa Merrill, Ryan Iafigliola and Brett Safran are on the Georgia coast for the start of the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure’s summer ride.

Even if cycling is not your thing, you’ve got to admire the efforts these cyclists are putting out on the Adventure. Most of them are making the entire 3,700-mile trip from Savannah to Vancouver, an impressive physical feat. But, more importantly, these folks are out doing what it takes to get houses built and repaired — raising money and awareness.

During these next two months, people will donate toward someone’s new or repaired house solely because someone they know is riding on this Adventure. Many people will learn about The Fuller Center for Housing for the very first time (and as President David Snell says, when folks find out about us, they tend to like us), and many of those folks will become new supporters of our ministry.

So, don’t forget, this isn’t about bicycles. These are good-hearted folks having a good time for a good cause. And they need your support. Click here to help them!

I actually got a couple hours of quality nap time this week. Well, it wasn’t by choice. Last week I got vaccinated for an August trip to Ghana, where the Mercer University women’s basketball team will build homes with us. I must have gotten a slight case of yellow typhoid diphtheria hepatitis fever because that combo of shots in one day got me a little sick. But I’ve pretty much shaken it off and can start looking forward to my first visit to Africa now.

On a related note, we got a visit from Funmi Odia this week. Funmi is the wife of Sam Odia, director of our operations in Nigeria — our most accomplished African partner. I got to spend some time driving Funmi around and learned a lot about Africa and what I can expect on my trip.

Funmi is among the many who are excited about our 40 Years in Africa initiative, through which we are raising $160,000 to build 40 homes with our African covenant partners. It’s how we are marking 40 years since Millard and Linda Fuller picked up their family and moved to Africa for three years in 1973. It was there that they launched the affordable housing movement and a grass-roots ministry that we keep alive today.

Earlier today, I spoke with Greg Woith who leads our newest covenant partner in Peoria, Ill., something that was formalized earlier this week. Greg’s a sharp guy and just wants to get houses repaired and built — and he’s thrilled to be associated with The Fuller Center, where there will be no bureaucracy to slow him down. You can read more about our new Peoria partner next week at FullerCenter.org.

Also, next week the Bicycle Adventure will be rolling through Americus and stopping here for a build day. It will be good to finally meet some of these folks I’ve only seen in photos and talked to on the phone. And it’s great for them to be able to visit Americus and see where this grass-roots ministry began.

Hopefully, my slight case of yellow typhoid diphtheria hepatitis fever will be completely gone by then!

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