WEEK IN REVIEW: Long journeys

By Chris Johnson,
Director of Communications

Come Monday, I’ll be on a plane bound for Ghana to cover the work of our covenant partner there and the work being done by the Mercer University women’s basketball team, which is on our first Fuller Center Global Builders trip to the nation. So far, we’re hearing good things about the trip. Click here to see what I mean.

Near as I can tell, Delta is gonna have to fly over a pretty big pond to get there, and I’m not looking forward to the plane ride. But I am looking forward to landing — safely — and experiencing the extraordinary friendliness for which Ghanaians are so famous.

My long journey comes on the heels of another long journey as the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure completed its 3,700-mile ride from Savannah to Vancouver on Friday. I guess if those folks don’t complain about being on a tiny little bicycle seat for nine weeks, I’ll try not to whine about spending 11 straight hours on a plane. I’ll try. OK, I’ll at least keep it to a low grumble.

But the longest journey I learned about this week is that of Meaghie Champion, who will lead our newest covenant partner in Vancouver, the signing of which is the perfect ending for our Adventure. Champion is an indigenous Canadian who was abducted from her native family at 6 months old and raised by a white family — all under the auspices of a Canadian government program. Now that she has reconnected with her roots, she’s doing all she can to help her people — and bringing The Fuller Center for Housing to Canada is part of that. (Click here to read this inspiring story.)

We announced new partnerships in Lake Lanier, Georgia and Los Angeles, California, this week. I’m not surprised at the growth — it’s to be expected as more people learn about how we are staying true to Millard Fuller’s vision and keeping this a grass-roots, Christian movement. But it is still impressive. Director of U.S. Field Operations Kirk Lyman-Barner is starting to wear a path in my carpet as he keeps coming to me with news of new and soon-to-be-new covenant partners.

These amazing journeys and this growing work is what it’s all about. But any more growth and Kirk is gonna have to buy me a rug for my office!

Here’s hoping your journey is a faithful one, and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with news from Ghana … if I survive 11 hours on a plane.

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