WEEK IN REVIEW: In a hurry

By Chris Johnson,
Director of Communications

We’ve had so many things going on this week — including gearing up for the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure’s Spring Ride that begins in a couple of weeks — that I barely have enough time to pound out this little update offering just a glimpse into the week’s action as seen from here at headquarters. Therefore, you won’t get any samples of my usual brilliant prose.

Tell me that was not clapping I just heard!

Anyhoo, speaking of the Bicycle Adventure, we had a chance to chat with Beret Myers this morning. Beret has joined the Spring Ride as a communications specialist and will spend the week documenting the journey in pictures and social media posts. She’s going to do a great job of keeping everyone up to date on all the ride’s news. She’s also a brilliant photographer as you will see in a couple of weeks. Please go “like” the Bicycle Adventure on Facebook so you don’t miss anything. I’ll share some of the posts on our main Facebook page, as well.

We had another blog appearance by my boss this week! President David Snell has used simple Bible verses before to explain why we do what we do. His blog earlier this week on Isaiah 58:12 (“You shall raise up the foundations of many generations, and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.”) is a must read. Click here to read it.

Speaking of explaining why we do what we do, we hope you’ll go out and explain to people what we do. Whether it’s at church or civic group meetings or whatever, spread the word. And if you need any help, here’s a new PowerPoint you can download and edit as needed to help tell our story.

Lastly, while communicating with the folks who just returned from Haiti, where they dedicated six new homes and took us to 79 total in Haiti, we came across this great photo below and shared it on Facebook. (Click here to share it, too.) This photo below simply combines a lot of elements in one image — community, teamwork, togetherness, joy and beautiful new homes.

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