WEEK IN REVIEW: Hordes of helpers

By Chris Johnson,
Director of Communications

This week, 170 young volunteers from World Changers descended upon Hammond, La., to work with our Ginger Ford Northshore Fuller Center (click here for more), while about the same amount of World Changers went to Lanett, Ala., where some will work with the Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project.

Tomorrow, dozens of Wells Fargo employees from their offices here in Americus will help a 74-year-old cancer survivor widow make repairs to her home. (Click here to read about that.) This comes just a week after volunteers from Allison Transmission completed a Fuller Center house in Speedway, Ind. (more here), and as Fuller Center Bicycle Adventurers continue to bike, speak and build across the country on their 3,700-mile journey from Savannah to Vancouver — with the help of many churches and cities along the way.

And that’s just a sampling of all the volunteers coming our way. We have more Global Builders and U.S. Build Trips than ever, our corporate and local business relationships are growing, and more and more churches will come our way as we spread awareness about our ministry — a grass-roots Christian ministry that will always be a Christian ministry. That’s one principle of our founding that never will be compromised.

Of course, not all volunteers come our way because of our Christian principles. But those who become repeat volunteers — which is the majority — become so because of those Christian principles. Funny thing is, I’m not sure they even know that. Doing the things Jesus admonished us to do — giving to others, helping the poor and loving our neighbor — are principles everyone supports.

Speaking of things everybody supports, check out the two videos below. They are related to our growing work with our nation’s veterans. Thank you to all who’ve stepped up to work with The Fuller Center in support of our nation’s veterans … and everyone who needs a helping hand into a safe and decent home.


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