WEEK IN REVIEW: Grass roots grow!

By Chris Johnson,
Director of Communications

I love it when a week ends on a good note. But that doesn’t quite sum up this week. This week began AND ended on good notes — with some good notes in between.

This week began with the Mercer University women’s basketball team touching down in Ghana on our first-ever Global Builders trip to the country. This week, they’re just playing basketball, but they’ll spend the next two weeks building houses with us, and I’ll be there for the final week to capture some of that action and tour our operations and a few sights there. This all helps kick off our “40 Years in Africa” campaign. Click here to learn more about it.

And it ended with the signing of a new covenant partner in North Georgia — the Lanier Fuller Center for Housing — and the imminent signing of our very first covenant partner in Canada. You can learn more about both of these next week at FullerCenter.org. And please go there and check out the news feed, which is so active it’s hot to the touch.

This week we also reported a record year for U.S. Builder teams, which you can learn about by clicking here. That follows on the heels of another record year for the Global Builders. And we’re getting a lot of interest from people wanting to join our ministry as volunteers, donors and especially covenant partners.

All this growth, though, is not a result of thinking ahead. Actually, I think it’s a result of thinking back to the past. When we say we are staying true to the roots Millard Fuller and Clarence Jordan planted more than 40 years ago, it’s not empty rhetoric. Those roots are strong, and we see no need to abandon them.

We remain committed to the principles of our Christian housing ministry — principles the Fullers laid out 40 years and continued with the forming of the back-to-the-roots Fuller Center for Housing. Those principles are what made people fall in love with the ministry, and people are still learning that The Fuller Center for Housing is the torch-bearer for Millard’s dream.

If you appreciate the Christian and common-sense partnership principles behind this ministry, please join us and tell your friends, family and church members about us and our history. We believe it’s those old roots that are behind our exciting growth, and we’d love for you to come grow with us.

Click here to learn more about our principles and commitments.

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