WEEK IN REVIEW: For goodness snakes

By Chris Johnson,
Director of Communications

I have just a few fears. I’m scared of heights — or at least scared of plummeting from them. I’m scared of the power bill. And I’m scared of meetings, especially conference calls.

But my fear of snakes probably trumps them all. I’ve had to deal with more than a few rattlers and moccasins in my day, but not without shivers going down my spine.

So when I heard the story from Sri Lanka of a widow raising her grandchildren in a mud shack that is crumbling and infested by snakes dangling from the roof, I had both sympathy and a bad case of the heebie-jeebies.

Fortunately, The Fuller Center for Housing of Sri Lanka is planning to help Alageswary build a safe, sturdy room. But they need funds to do that. Click here if you would like to learn more and contribute to this effort to raise $3,000.

I was able to get the snakes out of my head long enough to put together the schedule for the 2014 Fuller Center Conference in Indianapolis. Click here and check out some of the great offerings we’ll have in January. And then click here to register.

Also, be sure that you have liked our Facebook page. We’re nearing the 5,000-friend mark, and there will be a little prize for the 5,000th person to like us on Facebook. Tell your friends to get on board!

And stay tuned to www.FullerCenter.org next week for an exciting announcement about Armenia, our most prolific covenant partner!

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