We are looking for partners to help Puerto Rico recover over the long haul

Note: If you are interested in possibly volunteering
to help rebuild homes in Puerto Rico in the future,
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A message from Fuller Center President David Snell about plans for working in Puerto Rico:
I’ve been asked whether The Fuller Center for Housing has plans for helping our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico. The short answer is, yes, we hope to play a major role in the rebuilding of homes once the island transitions from immediate disaster relief to long-term disaster recovery.
Because we did not have an established partner in Puerto Rico before Hurricane Maria, we are in discussions with potential partners about how we can best help on the island. 
If you have a connection with a denomination’s disaster outreach arm or a like-minded group with an established presence on the island that might be interested in partnering with us, please let me know. You can email me, Fuller Center President David Snell, at dsnell@fullercenter.org or call 229-924-2900. 
We believe that our long-term recovery efforts in Puerto Rico would look much like our work in Haiti. We began working in Haiti months after the devastating January 2010 earthquake, once disaster relief groups had the emergency under control. Our work there continues to grow, and we have built more than 200 safe, permanent homes in the country. With the right partners, we can do even more in Puerto Rico.
Another question I’ve been asked: “Will you be sending volunteer teams to Puerto Rico?”
Any Fuller Center efforts in Puerto Rico will almost certainly have a volunteer component. Until we have a partner or our own presence on the ground, though, we will not have specifics to offer. However, if you would be interested in volunteering with The Fuller Center to help families rebuild, please fill out the short survey linked below to let us know. We will be in touch with you as plans develop.
Thank you for supporting The Fuller Center for Housing, and please keep those affected by this year’s devastating hurricane season in your prayers.
David Snell, President, The Fuller Center for Housing

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