Want to be our Junior Ambassador?

By Chris Johnson
Director of communications

There are all sorts of wonderful ambassadors for the work done around the world by The Fuller Center for Housing. There are thankful homeowners, dedicated volunteers and determined supporters.

But we’re looking for one more ambassador – someone with youthful exuberance who is as cute as a button – to deliver our holiday greetings in a short video message next month.

Naturally, when I thought youthful and cute, the first person who came to mind was Chris Johnson, our director of communications. But when I talked to myself about it, I told me that I just might be so cute that it would distract from our message.

So we have teamed up with our local theater group, the Sumter Players, to host a talent search at 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 2 at the beautiful and historic Rylander Theatre here in Americus, Ga., home of our headquarters. From a pool of about 50 kids ages 7 to 11, we will find the one who is darn near as cute as I am – but likely more articulate – to volunteer to appear in a Fuller Center video this holiday season.

Kids will recite a script of about 1 minute, and a panel of local judges will pick the winner, who will receive four passes to the Sumter Players’ production of “Charlotte’s Web” in May in addition to volunteering for our short Christmas message video.

If this goes well, we may expand our search for a junior ambassador this time next year. Maybe statewide. Or nationwide! Or worldwide!! Maybe we’ll stage the First Intergalactic Fuller Center Junior Ambassador Talent Search next year!!!

Sorry, it must be my youthful exuberance kicking in again.

To learn more about the local search for the Fuller Center’s junior ambassador, click here.

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