Your vote will encourage Charity Navigator to evaluate and rate our success

(Photo: One of 66 happy families in the Bolivian mountain village of Mizque, where new Fuller Center homes fight the spread of Chagas disease.)
We are proud to be one of the small percentage of nonprofits to have received the highest-level Platinum rating for transparency from charity watchdog Guidestar.
And, the Better Business Bureau’s latest review resulted in our once again being credited for meeting all 20 standards for excellence as a member of the BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance.
Yet, we still get the question: “Why aren’t you evaluated by Charity Navigator?” It’s a good question. We don’t have a good response for that other than “WE WISH THEY WOULD!”
Our most recent audit showed that 90 percent of donations from people like you goes directly to work in the field — building and repairing homes in partnership with families in need of a helping hand up. That means less than 10 percent of your gifts went to the necessary overhead to keep us running. The standard benchmark is for no more than 33.3 percent of gifts to go toward overhead. Naturally, we want people to know about those kinds of numbers — and that our past two years were our most productive building years ever! You can help us tell everyone about our grass-roots effectiveness by putting us on Charity Navigator’s radar.
HOW? Simply go to this link and vote for Charity Navigator to evaluate The Fuller Center for Housing. You’ll need to register as a member with Charity Navigator at the “Sign in/Register” link at the top right of the webpage after hitting “Vote Now”. Registration is free and allows you access to look deeper into many charities.
We welcome everyone to take a close look at our ministry. All nonprofits should invite inspection, and generous people like you should demand accountability from the charities you support.
If enough people vote, Charity Navigator will have no choice but to evaluate our ministry. As is the case with most people who take a close look at our work, they are going to like what they see!
Thank you for your support of our ministry!

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