Virtually visit the far corners of the world

By Chris Johnson
Director of communications

I’ve spent an awful lot of time with my headphones on this week. When I was in the newspaper business, that was my signal to co-workers that I had about eight hours’ worth of work to do in the crazy three hours before the nightly deadline and that should they attempt to disturb or distract me by pulling me away from the smooth jazz or Jimmy Buffett being pumped into my brain, then they were doing so at great risk.

But this week I’ve spent a lot of time wearing my headphones because I’ve been sorting through the many videos Director of International Field Operations Ryan Iafigliola brought back from his journey to our Fuller Center operations in Sri Lanka, India and then Nepal. That’s a pretty exotic two-week journey.

The videos with which he returned provide quite the window into the world. And, now that I’m done, I can take my headphones off for a bit and rejoin society. But after all that editing, I want to make sure it gets seen, so please check out and share them on your Facebook pages or email them to friends. If you’re like me, seeing all these images and videos will make you want to go.

And, best of all, you can go. Go to our Global Builders page at and learn how you can join or lead a trip to one of these exotic lands or another country where we are very busy, such as Armenia, Haiti, El Salvador or Peru.

So, please, click the links below and enjoy these windows into a far, exotic corner of the world.


Sri Lanka video

India video

Nepal video

Sri Lanka photos

India photos

Nepal photos

Sri Lanka story

India story

Nepal story



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