VIDEO: Storm recovery in Albany, Georgia — how you can help

UPDATE (Jan. 24, 2017): As Albany was still recovering from this early-January storm, a far more devastating tornado struck the east side of the city, killing at least four people and causing extensive damage. If you would like to support the Albany Area Fuller Center, you can do so at this link:


On January 2, 2017, Albany, Georgia, was struck by massive storms and strong winds that toppled trees and damaged homes throughout the city. The storm did not discriminate, striking poor and wealthy neighborhoods alike.

The Albany Area Fuller Center for Housing has been working with teams from the city, churches, volunteers and others — including staffers from The Fuller Center for Housing’s international headquarters, which sits about a 45-minute drive north of Albany — to assist in debris removal and other cleanup projects.

More than two weeks after the storm, some households are still without power, but the problems for those lacking in insurance or other resources will persist for weeks and months. The Albany Area Fuller Center will be partnering with residents in need of a hand-up as they make repairs. Stacey Odom-Driggers, The Fuller Center’s Director of U.S. Covenant Partner Development and a board member of the Albany partner, said that they will be looking to host more U.S. Builders teams to volunteer in the recovery and are encouraging those wishing to donate to the recovery to do so at their webpage here:

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