VIDEO: Father Yeprem Kelegian talks about joy of building with Armenian families

Father Yeprem Kelegian — who most recently was pastor of St. Mesrob Church in Racine, Wisconsin — has long been focused on helping parishioners at his churches put their Christian faith into action, especially in Armenia.

Like many Americans of Armenian descent, Father Kelegian has strong ties to the homeland — especially because his father was orphaned as a child as a direct result of the Armenian genocide of just over 100 years ago.

Last month, Father Kelegian — along with some of his one-time parishioners — had the opportunity to put faith into action building homes for 12 families in Vanazdor, Armenia, as part of the 2016 Millard Fuller Legacy Build.

“Seeing them experience the love of God through the church, through the families, through the country itself — I have joy in that,” he says in the video below.

“Father Kelegian and his team were just leaving as we were arriving in Armenia for the Millard Fuller Legacy Build,” Fuller Center President David Snell recalls of last month’s event. “We did get to spend a little time together working on the project at Vanadzor. Actually Father Yeprem and I spent the day soaking one another as we tried to roll primer onto the ceilings! He’s a wonderful man and his team worked hard to help an Armenian family into a better home. He speaks well of his team — I’m sure that they would speak just as well of him.”


RELATED VIDEO: Fuller Center President David Snell and Director of International Field Operations Ryan Iafigliola discuss their week at the 2016 Millard Fuller Legacy Build in Armenia (below).


  • Chris, what a perfect piece you wrote. Thank you so much for elegantly summarizing everything I was trying to say…..Perhaps you could be my ghost writer.
    Fr. Yeprem

    • Thank you! A journalist can’t be better than the subject matter with which they work. You did the leg-work with your volunteering and video comments … I just piggybacked on it! Thank you so much for giving back to the Armenian families through our work, which cannot be done without folks like you and the people you’ve inspired to help. So many Americans of Armenian descent have stepped forward to help the homeland. Such generosity inspires us to keep our nose to the grindstone.


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