Vice-chair of India's Trivandrum Fuller Center loses five relatives in landslide

The Fuller Center for Housing expresses deep condolences to Father Mathew Thundathil, vice-chair of the Trivandrum Fuller Center in India, and his family after the deaths of five cousins in a landslide Monday.

The tragedy occurred at Cherusserimala in the hilly Anakkampoyil area in Kozhikode, a northern district in the Kerala state where The Fuller Center works. Unexpected torrential rains led to a landslide that completely washed away the house of Joseph Thundathil, 68, and his wife, Alykutty, 63. Their son, Biju, was the lone survivor of the disaster that also took the lives of Biju’s wife, Lissy, 27, and their two sons, 3-year-old Amal and 1-year-old Joel.

T.H. Lawrence, chairman of the Trivandrum Fuller Center, said Father Mathew’s loss has brought great sadness and that their will be a requiem Mass at on Aug. 14.

“We continue to keep the deceased and bereaved ones in our prayers,” Lawrence said.

The Trivandrum Fuller Center formed in 2007 and recently hosted its first-ever Global Builders trip with a team of Mercer Service Scholars from Mercer University July 17-Aug. 3 of this year. The scholars were able to attend a Mass led by Father Mathew during their trip.

Please join The Fuller Center for Housing in expressing condolences to Father Mathew Thundathil and our extended family with the Trivandrum Fuller Center.


  • On behalf of all the STAESEN staff, I express deep condolences to Father Mathew Thundathil.

  • I am so very sorry for your loss, Fr. Mathew. You and your family are in my prayers. Love to all the Trivandrum Fuller Center Board, Ashley Murray


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