Vibe Construction boosts home building in Haiti, Nicaragua at crucial time

(Photo: One of the homes funded by Vibe Construction in Pignon, Haiti)

Vibe Construction boosts home building in Haiti, Nicaragua at crucial time

Two nations where The Fuller Center for Housing works have long held unenviable rankings. Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere; Nicaragua ranks second on that list.

However, these two countries had become favorites of Fuller Center Global Builders volunteers, who fell in love with the two nations’ colorful culture and friendly residents. The steady stream of volunteers not only helped build homes, but they also energized local economies as their dollars also went to restaurants, hotels, transportation businesses and various vendors of goods and services.

Unfortunately, in recent years the two countries have shared another unwanted distinction — they have seen those energy-infusing volunteer teams come to a screeching halt due to political unrest and other issues.

While those volunteer teams have been paused, work has continued in each location thanks to dedicated and effective local leadership on the ground and the continued generosity of Fuller Center supporters in the United States. One of those generous supporters is Vibe Construction, based in Tacoma, Wash.

ermilise jean home before
We met 83-year-old Ermilise Jean in the summer, and she told us through tears how she had raised five children, only to have four precede her in death. She was living in this shack with her son, a taxi driver, and four grandchildren. She longed for a home where her grandchildren could grow and thrive and where she could live out her days in peace and safety. Her new home, funded by Vibe Construction, is the first pictured in the gallery at the end of this story.

Vibe supports The Fuller Center’s One House/Two Homes initiative in which a builder, real estate agent or lender donates a portion of a home sale in the United States to fund the construction of a new Fuller Center home in another country, where most new Fuller Center homes can be built at a fraction of U.S. costs. By doing these good deeds, businesses can also enhance their reputation and attract attention for their work.

Vibe Construction Founder Roger Becker, though, has adopted the initiative because it changes lives.

“We do this firstly because it’s the right thing,” Becker notes. “Every person deserves comfortable and safe housing. We also think home ownership is one of the greatest joys in a family’s life, so we want to share that with as many people as possible; whether in the Pacific Northwest or around the world!

“We have greatly appreciated the opportunity to fund new home builds for families around the world,” he continues. “We believe 100 percent in what the Fuller Center does, and are excited to do more!”

“What Roger and Vibe Construction are doing turns real estate transactions into something bigger — transformational moments for not just one family, but two,” says Ryan Iafigliola, Fuller Center Vice President of International Programs. “By focusing their giving on areas where the need is greatest and volunteers can’t go, this effort provides a lifeline of hope in places that are really struggling.”

GALLERY: Ten homes funded by Vibe Construction

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