Veteran volunteer Terry Gleason brings family members along for this Legacy Build

Pictured from left: Daniel Kay, Brian Gleason and Terry Gleason

Veteran volunteer Terry Gleason brings family members along for this Legacy Build

OPELIKA, Alabama — Terry Gleason has volunteered on many builds with The Fuller Center and other organizations through the years. He usually comes alone, though he sees many familiar faces on job sites while also meeting new friends.

For this year’s Millard Fuller Legacy Build, though, though, he brought along a couple of folks he already knows very well — his son Brian Gleason and grandson-in-law, Daniel Kay.

This is my recreation,” Terry said of the build weeks. “I come to enjoy being with the people, for the work, and to help someone else. It’s all fun. My grandson-in-law has been asking to join me for a long time now, and we finally got to the right point, and my son was able to join us, too.”

He’s been doing it for a lot of years, and I’ve always wanted to come out and join him and do it with him,” Brian said. “I like to help out. I’m into the hands-on, get-the-job-done kind of thing.”

Daniel laughed off the suggestion that this could earn some serious brownie point with his father-in-law of six-plus years.

Well, that depends on whether the house gets built or not,” Daniel said with a smile.”

Of course, that’s not why he came.

The Fuller Center is clearly a really great service organization,” Daniel said. “There’s a real obvious benefit. I’ve heard about Terry doing these for many years, and I figured this would be a great chance to see what it’s like and be a part of it.”

It’s obvious that Terry’s determination to help others and repay his blessings in life is being passed along through the family.

The biggest thing is just being about to give back to the community and doing something tangible for somebody,” Brian said. “Helping others out, that’s really why we’re here to begin with. To be able to do it together as a family is even better.”

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