Welcome to the Worldwide Mansion, The Fuller Center for Housing’s Vacation Bible School curriculum. You will discover an exciting Vacation Bible School lesson plan designed to teach your elementary age children about God, his love for each creature he has made, and the beauty of the world he created.

Because The Fuller Center for Housing works with believers from around the world, we are in an exciting position to connect Christian children with one another across cultures. In this program, your local participants will be able to interact with children in places like Madagascar, El Salvador, Nepal, and Papua New Guinea through video. You will get to see what it is like to live in these far away places and get the opportunity to worship together.

Each day of VBS will open with a brief assembly. Then, the students will rotate through a series of centers covering music, crafts, games, and snack. Finally, at the end of each day there will be a brief closing and dismissal.

We’ve built this program with small churches in mind around the concept of creating a “simple, decent Bible Study” just like we specialize in building “simple, decent homes” with our partner families. Our hope is that this program is not overwhelming, but rather encouraging and empowering as you seek to share the gospel in your communities.


Curriculum Designer

Jim has a background in ministry and agriculture, where he has experience coordinating teams, leading projects, and creating growth. A graduate of Auburn University and Duke Divinity School, Jim is a priest in the Anglican Church of North America.