Homeowner Update in Plaquemines Parish

Submitted by:
Bart Tucker, Director Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders

The homes we’re building with the United Way grant are coming along nicely. This week United Way used their connections to recruit volunteers from the local community. In addition to getting a lot done, I drew much satisfaction from getting the local community involved. You might have heard Heather’s philosophy around tipping point: that point in time where the community assumes responsibility from the volunteers for completing the recovery. This is a great example of that point:
those that have their homes restored helping those that haven’t!

Anyway, here’s a quick update:

Pamela Williams, Adema: interior in last throws of trim-out including subs, exterior finished except for needing another set of stairs and final plywood under the house, elevator install on Monday.

Peter Le, Foster: roughly the same as Adema except elevator on Thursday.

Chauvin Buras, Jump Basin: interior installing doors and trim, kitchen installed, exterior siding on three sides, no sub trim-out yet, needs insulation and plywood underneath.

Stoufflets, Orangewood: still just a deck there in need of a framing crew.

It does look like now we’ll get some relief on the 30 June deadline which increases my confidence that we’ll complete the homes with the volunteers we have scheduled in June and July.

We still have room on the schedule for you!

Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders

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