Unexpected Downpours

Emmalilly Hoxsie
2012 Bicycle Adventurer

This morning the group headed out from St. Simons Island, GA around 6:00am. We headed out early so that we could try and beat the heat. When leaving the island we went over a couple regular bridges and then a very big suspension bridge. As I reached the crest of the bridge the sun came out from the clouds and it was a beautiful sight. Because of the marsh area that we were in there was a huge horizon and little to block the sky. The light reflected off the marsh river water like it was a mirror. I stopped to capture the moment on my camera and in my mind, also to catch my breath, minor detail.

Today marks my longest ride, 107 miles! I am proud of the work that I have done today and to get to this point. I can feel how much stronger I have become. The first rest stop, after 25 miles, was at a gas station and post office. I waited an extra 5 minutes so that I could send the South Carolina postcards I had bought and written days ago. After another 20 miles we stopped at a gas station and refilled. I drank lots of squencher because the day was already a scorcher. In the next 20 miles, we got to Florida and quickly after got drenched. I saw that we were headed towards a rain cloud, but hoped that we would turn or out run it. We went straight through. Alyssa and I laughed as we slowly and then quickly became soaked through. It actually felt refreshing! After stopping at a chick-fil-a and drying out some, we headed onward to a ferryboat ride and our destination. During the last 10 miles we turned off the route slightly to see the Atlantic Ocean.

Ponte Vedra Presbyterian Church is hosting us tonight and provided us with a wonderful dinner. The congregation was so welcoming and conversational. We shared stories during dinner and then again during a Fuller Center presentation. They loved hearing about the biking and the work the FC does in Florida.

So, moral of the story, sometimes you have to live with the downpour of hard rain and long miles to get to the downpour of love that waits on dry ground.

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  • Great picture, Emmalilly. That’s the Sydney Lanier Bridge, named after the poet who wrote The Marshes of Glynn. What a great adventure you are having. Enjoy. And take lots of pictures.


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