House sponsorship cost: $5,500

Program Coordinator
Kenneth Wafula



Uganda is well-known for its biodiversity and abundance of wildlife, most notably its population of mountain gorillas. However, for all of its natural riches, about 40 percent of its 50 million people live on less than $2 per day. Mud huts remain the most common housing in Uganda — especially in the rural areas. The Fuller Center of Uganda is working hard to help families have safe, solid places to live. Not only will these homes help families have a more stable foundation for their future with the financial empowerment of homeownership, but studies have repeatedly shown that children who grow up in decent housing are happier, healthier and have better educational outcomes than those who do not.

This Ugandan family has been selected as future Fuller Center homeowners.

“We know the agony of living in poor housing, and we are eager to repay the costs of our wonderful home to help others who are suffering in poor housing conditions.”

Watiti Godfrey

homeowner partner, pastor and father of 5 with wife lydia

“I am overjoyed to have such a beautiful home and a latrine! The Fuller Center of Uganda has increased the faith of everyone in the community, especially those in need of decent housing.”

Baresha Wefafa

homeowner partner and father of 10 with his wife