Two new senior homes dedicated in Millard Fuller’s hometown of Lanett, Alabama

Two new senior homes dedicated in Millard Fuller’s hometown of Lanett, Alabama

LANETT, Ala. — Theresa Davidson had been living in a hotel since a fire destroyed her home. Oscar Davis had been living in a dilapidated home with no electricity or running water. His dream was simply to have a decent home so that his young granddaughter could visit him.

Today, they each have beautiful new cozy homes in Lanett, the hometown of Fuller Center for Housing founder Millard Fuller, thanks to the Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project, volunteers and sponsors. Ms. Davidson and Mr. Davis are now next-door neighbors, each with comfortable, safe homes of about 780 square feet each. It’s part of the CFCP’s new senior homes initiative, the first two of which were dedicated on Saturday.

“They’re for a single senior or couple that are living in bad situations and have no other way out,” CFCP Executive Director Kim Roberts said of the homes that are a little smaller than a standard Fuller Center home and have two bedrooms, one bath and a small kitchen. “We want to give them a decent place to live. It’s perfect for what they need. The homes are just beautiful.”

The more compact size also keeps the building costs down at a time when many construction materials are still priced above norms. With the lots donated, an anonymous donor, roofing and flooring by Eight Days of Hope, furniture provided by High Socks for Hope and many dedicated volunteers, not only were the building costs manageable, but the houses were able to be completed in just over six weeks. With more property behind these homes, CFCP hopes to do 10 more senior homes in the area.

The homes are the 72nd and 73rd new homes build by CFCP, which means Roberts can now turn her attention to the Millard Fuller Legacy Build coming up October 9-14, at which homes 74 and 75 will go up on the final two spaces available from 2009’s first-ever Legacy Build location, tying that first build to the October build in full-circle fashion.

If you would like to learn more about the 2022 Millard Fuller Legacy Build or want to register to volunteer at the build, click here!

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