Twenty Miles at a Time

by Michael Lamorgese

Get up, get up, it’s that time of day
We don’t wanna miss breakfast with FCBA
Fruit, cereal, and a lot more
I just can’t wait to explore!

I asked everyone if it’s time to go,
But they laughed and said, “no, no”
We can’t leave before devotion
Because God gives us the land and ocean
Silly me how could I forget, also
Thank you Lord for those who I have met.

They say to take the trip 20 miles at a time
But it’s hard to do when you have nothing to climb
So we reflect on our past experiences, in the meantime.

The lives of homeowners that we’ve helped
Giving them happiness so their hearts melt,
We love to help those in need,

We are here to make a better community,
And the way to start is within the heart

We have a great group,
With lots of love and care
So, never fear to ask for a prayer

Although we started as strangers,
We now save each other from dangers.

Well it’s time to depart 
And I say it from my heart,

I love you all.

Today was a great day because it was the beginning of the week and we all are refueled due to having off yesterday. We were headed to Parkston, South Dakota from Sioux Falls this morning, which was a relatively easy ride because we were on the same road for about 45 miles out of the 72. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold with an overcast sky. Who could ask for a better way to start the week!

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