Trio of friends — The DC3 — tackle coast-to-coast Adventure to help families have decent homes

There are many ways to support The Fuller Center’s affordable housing ministry, so what exactly would possess a person to lend a hand by hopping on a bicycle and pedaling 3,500 miles across the country?

Moreover, what would possess three friends to support The Fuller Center this way?

Actually, dozens of individuals will be participating in this year’s Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure, which has raised about $1.5 million for the ministry’s work since the first summer ride in 2008. But three friends from the Washington, D.C., area — Lesly Jones, Kelley Westenhoff and Liz Sherwood — are tackling the 3,500-mile ride from Seattle to D.C. together and blogging about the experience. They’re calling themselves “The DC3.”

“What better way to serve our community than helping those that help themselves?” — Lesley Jones (pictured above), one of the ‘DC3’

“I could tell Lesly was getting bored with retirement so I wasn’t surprised when in December she asked, ‘Hey, anyone want to do this coast-to-coast ride with me?'” Westenhoff writes in the first blog post. “I responded, not with what I thought (Lesly, you have lost your mind), but with ‘Maybe, I’ll think about it.’”

“This is charity with dignity and a program that creates decent homes, restores neighborhoods and revitalizes communities,” Jones writes in the second blog post. “What better way to serve our community than helping those that help themselves?”

The women will be blogging throughout their ride (which amounts to a combined 10,500 miles of pedaling for the three) and posting photos from along the way. The summer ride has grown to its largest ever pack of riders, so large that it has been divided into two groups — an “orange” group that departs Seattle on June 11 and a “blue” group that departs June 18. The DC3 will be riding in the blue group, though both teams will arrive in D.C. together on Aug. 13.

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