Thankful to be alive

Tom Weber,

Fuller Center Bike Adventure cyclist

We are thankful to be alive, with only bruises and shaken up. Yesterday almost to Boise, ID, our van blew a tire, which caused our trailer to start whipping the van around until it fell on it’s side, and then onto it’s roof. The van and trailer were totaled, but all 8 of us were able to climb out and walk away. Only 4 of us needed to be taken to the hospital, and all were released after treatment. Thankfully I was the only one injured that will not be able to continue, and I am only suffering a separated shoulder. Painful, but treatable, hopefully quickly enough for me to join the ride as it passes thru Denver, if not sooner. I will see my Ortho doc Friday morning and will have a better idea of severity and how soon I will be able to ride again.

I can’t begin to describe how impressed I am with all seven of my fellow riders. All of them were very calm and trying to help each other. We all kept counting to make sure all were out, and then counting to make sure all were not injured seriously, or in need of more care. A very impressive group of young caring souls.

Lois and our good friend Norm are on their way to get me and my bike. Norm will be able to then help transport some of the riders on to Boise where we were planing to stop for the night, and have friends to help.

Alternative plans are being finalized, and THE RIDE WILL HAPPEN.

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  • We are so thankful that no one was injured. You are all in our prayers. Please tell Olivia when you connect with her that her "floor tile ripping up" friends, Jim and Sue McCann from CT are donating to the Bike Adventure in her name. We worked together on "Nana’s" house at the Legacy Build in Indianapolis. Bike on!


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