IN THE NEWS: New partner in Spokane on board with tiny house movement

(Spokesman-Review) The Spokane, Washington, newspaper has a detailed look at how one of our newest covenant partners is embracing the "tiny house movement" to help homeless who are ready to change their lives. Inland Northwest Fuller Center for Housing leader Ian Robertson says it’s no free lunch but “you come with a history, and you’ll leave with a future.” Click here to read the complete article in the Spokesman-Review.

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  • Wow! I,ve been thinking of this for years and would love to get involved any way possible. I am disabled and live in pend oreille county and have struggled for years with a difficult life. Things are good for me now, but so many of my neighbors are still in poor housing. It would be helpful to know how to get this housing into our county in a way which would be approved by the county health and building department. I have lived in japan and have seen people do with less and live in small spaces. If there is anything I can do to help in design or ideas which would accommodate people with special needs it would be pure pleasure to learn from you and contribute ideas as possible. Would like to see this go National!


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